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Q: How much does the ISIAP Membership cost?
A: Membership is Free at this time.

Q: How long is the membership good for?
A: All memberships have a One (1) Year duration, and must be renewed each year.

Q: Is there a renewal fee?
A: Not at this time.

Q: When can I renew my membership?
A: All renewals become available 30 Days before the expiration date. 3 reminder emails are sent to you. The renewal button is located at the bottom of your user profile, or this direct Renew Link.

Q: Can I renew if my membership has expired?
A: Yes. Simply login as normal and you will be presented with a Renew Button. Also, you may use this direct Renew Link.


Q: How do I get validated for my Five Nines Certificates?
A: Click the Validate link on your member page to send a validation email to a colleague, client or supervisor.

Q: How does the validation process work?
A: You use a form to send an email to a colleague, client or supervisor, where they click a link in the email to validate you. 1 click, easy! Each validated email equals 1 validation for a certain year.

Q: May I apply for Five Nines awards for multiple different systems I maintain?
A: Yes, as many Named Infrastructure as you care to apply for.

Q: May I get Five Nines Annual Award Certificate for past years, or only the most recent period?
A: You may get Five Nines Annual Award Certificate for as many previous periods as you can provide references regarding the availability.

Q: What are the requirements for the Five Year Five Nines Certificate?
A: You must be validated for 5 separate 1 Year Five Nines. Once you have 5 x 1 year validations, the Five Year Certificate is unlocked. Then you can validate for any 5 year block of years (blocks start with 2010-2015 to present).

Q: What is the "Year(s) Box" for?
A: Once validated, a "Year Box" dropdown menu will appear under the Create Certificates buttons. This menu will contain all of your validation years. This is where you select the Year for the Five Nines Certificate you are creating. The year you enter here is printed on the certificate.


Q: How much do certificates cost?
A: Certificates are Free at this time.

 How are the certifcates created?
A: The certificates are created as a PDF that contains your name, member number, unique certificate number, year and expiration date (if applicable). The PDF will either open in a new window or be a file for download. Save and Print your new certificate.

Q: What size are the certificates?
A: The print size of the certificates is 11.0 in x 8.5 in (landscape), with very small margins. Prints will work great in most 8.5x11 frames.

Q: Should I change any printer settings?
A: Maybe. The document size is full 11x8.5, but you may need to "scale" (fit) the page in the printer settings. Printing with your printers standard margins is perfectly fine, and will fit most frames.


Q: Are there any design requirements for the Five Nines awards?
A: The proof is in the Availability only.

Q: Can I get a Five Nines award for a single SQL or Exchange server?
A: NO. SQL and Exchange are applications which run on Infrastructure

Q: My SQL server runs on a Dell R710 with redundant power, network and RAID, do I qualify for Five Nines now?
A: NO. Your SQL server Compute is not redundant, if the CPU, motherboard or RAM failed, so would the entire server!

Q: I have 2 SQL servers running as a SQL Cluster, both on R710 with redundant power, UPS, Infrastructure power and redundant network teamed NIC’s, do I qualify for a Five Nines award?
A: YES. Your SQL Cluster is your Named Infrastructure. You qualify.

Social Media Sharing

Q: Can members share their certificates on social media?
A: Yes! And we have made it very easy. Each certificate you create can be shared right from your member account.

Q: What is the process for sharing?
A: Each time you create a certificate, links are created within your member account. These links allow you to share each of your certificates individually across multiple social media sites.

Q: Can members promote ISIAP.org?
A: Yes! And we strongly encourage it. Share your certificates on social media with a link to the site, recruit new members, talk to coworkers, get other professionals involved.